Friday, July 27, 2018

Vourvourou: the most beautiful village in Chalkidiki

   Do you want to live the best vacations ever? Visit Vourvourou, a very beautiful place in Chalkidiki.

    Vourvourou is a village, near Agios Nickolaos, in Chalkidiki and it's located in the northwest of the peninsula Sithonia.  It's very beautiful because of  its beaches, its hotels and restaurants. It's not very famous, I think, but if you visit it you won't be disappointed.
     About its history: in the 10th sentury the area was known as ''the land of Vourvourou'', which hasn't changed a lot. During an excavation in 1974, ruins of  the monastery Leromnimon were discovered close to St. Mary's chapel.   
    One of its most beautiful and quiet beaches is in Diaporos.  An island of Vourvourou and you can travel and go fishing with Captain Pantelis' boat over the turquoise water. If you want to find him don't forget to go for a walk, there where boaters land their boats. You can also go on picnics with your family and friends.
    If you want a great hotel to relax and live the best vacations in Vourvourou go to Ekies All Senses Resort.  A  4,5  hotel in Vourvourou or you can rent an appartment.
   Finally I hope you liked this description and don't forget to visit Vourvourou!



  1. Fantastic Melpo, it was an amazing attempt! The photographs are superb as well! Have you taken them? Quick note: Do not forget to spell disappointed, beautiful and travel correctly. All in all, your idea for this post was brilliant! Well done!