Saturday, March 21, 2020

A friend is going to visit me this week

Hi Ermis!

I"m really happy that you're coming to visit me this weekend.I've tidied  my room, so there's plenty of space for your things and I've asked mum to make pizza for us to eat on the night/ day you arrive.I've asked dad to make donuts too because I know is they are your favourite.We're going cycling on Saturday afternoon because it's going to be very sunny  this weekend. Why don't you bring your laptop to play in our free time and  for on Saturday afternoon, don't worry, you will take my old bike it's which is very good for rides!Let's go into town on Saturday evening.We can go to a new internet café!

See you soon,

Excellent work Leo! Be a little more careful with IN and ON so that your email is absolutely perfect! Well done once again! Christina 🥳🔝👏🌹

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