Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reply to article.

Dear Sir

I am writing this letter to reply to an article on the newspaper about traffic.

I totally agree with you.I have a lot of problems, especially when I go to school. I cannot arrive in my lesson in time.I am usually late because we get stuck in traffic.

Another way to get stuck in traffic is when you go to the town center,especially at the weekends.Also, there is traffic congestion when it is raining because all the people return from places they were by car in order not to get wet.Finally, traffic can be an important problem when you drive at noon because everyone returns from their jobs and the children return from school.

Therefore, a solution that I want to suggest is to use the means of public transport more.This will help the environment because not everyone will be using their own car and it will help us, too, as we will not pay for petrol.Another solution is to commute by bike. In particular, people that cannot afford to buy a car can buy a bike which is much cheaper.

I hope my ideas prove useful and we can finally solve the problem of traffic.

Yours faithfully
Stergios Mavrikakis


  1. Stergie, this is supposed to be a formal letter to a newspaper! Where is the proper introduction and conclusion? And is your writing formal or a bit informal in places? Please take a second look and think about it! :)

  2. Well done! Now you've got it right! Keep writing, Stergie! :)