Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer story!

This is a story of one of our summer experiences.This story is not real.

On the sixth of July in 2009 I was on holidays in Athens with my family and some of our friends.

The fourth day of our stay in the hotel, while we were having breakfast I noticed that my favorite band was staying in this hotel too.When I finished my breakfast, I went to their table and asked them for an autograph.All four members of the band gave me an autograph and I was so excited that they asked me if one day I wanted to play guitar with them. I answered that it would be great if they had free time after the breakfast.Then they said that they did not have anything else to do.

After the breakfast I went to my room and took my guitar.I ran at their bedroom and we started playing the guitar.We had a really good time and I talked with all the groups of the band.They told me that they would come to Greece again after 2 years and I was looking forward to their new concert.After two hours I finally left their room.

I really had a great time and I think I was so lucky to stay in the same hotel that my favorite band was staying in.


  1. What a nice idea, Stergie, to combine the topic we are currently discussing (music) with your summer experiences! The only things to pay attention to are marked in different colours in your text. Fantastic try, overall! :)

  2. (This is how we write dates: 6 July 2009)