Sunday, July 31, 2011


In this post I will be writing a report about a library.

To: Mr Springfield
From: Stergios Mavrikakis
Subject: Making the library more popular.

In this report I will make some recommendations about how to make the library more popular with young people in your area.

The library as it is now
At the moment the library has a lot of problems.One of the problems is that there is a limited range of books.Also, the librarians are very unhelpful and sometimes they do not even answer your questions.To make matters worse, the chairs are very uncomfortable and some of them are broken. The library is very dark and sometimes it is even hard to read.Finally, the library is not well painted and it is not clean at all.

What teenagers enjoy
The things that teenagers enjoy are detective books,comics,or romantic stories . Also teenagers may need books in different languages for example in Greek and in English.In addition to that,teenagers may need a computer room for people that do not have Internet access and want to do some research.

I believe the things that the library needs in order to become more popular are: Firstly, it should be well-light, spacious and have comfortable chairs.Secondly, it should have a wide range of books.Also the library has to be in a peaceful place and quiet for the people to read.The old librarians who where unhelpful should be replaced with new friendly and helpful librarians.Finally, it would be a good idea if the library had a computer room for research.I hope my suggestions helped .


  1. Very good post Stergie! I only wish to remind you that a report is a formal piece of writing, so you can't use short forms. Secondly, in the third paragraph it is better to write only about what teenagers enjoy and leave all recommendations for the 4th paragraph.

    Can you change the 3rd paragraph in the way I have just described?