Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A threatening call

As soon as the phone rang,she knew something was wrong.It was a usual Friday afternoon for Sue.She was preparing dinner as she always does in the afternoon,but suddenly the phone rang. It was a man with a strange voice who said to Sue, 'Give me all the money that you have and I will not hurt you'.

After Sue heard the man's words, she was very frightened and hung up the phone.She was terrified and scared so she decided to call her friend John.She told him about the threatening call and asked him if he could come to her house to spend the night.

Although he thought it was just a joke, John decided to go to Sue's house to spend the night.While John was sleeping on the couch and Sue on her bed the man that had phoned Sue broke into the house quietly from the kitchen's door.He searched for money in the kitchen, but he didn't find anything there.Then he walked in the living room where John was sleeping.He searched for money there too,but he hadn't seen John into the dark.John heard him while he was searching for money and woke up.

When John woke up surprised by the noise, he saw the thief .He hit him with a vase and the thief passed out.John sighed with relief and woke up Sue.Sue couldn't believe her eyes,and told John that she was glad that she had invited him to spend the night at her house.After that, they called the police together and they told them to come as soon as possible.When the police came, it was morning already and after they took the thief away, everything was alright again.

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  1. Bravo Stergie for publishing your story so quickly and for correcting your review. Take a look at a few more corrections I made. See you tomorrow! :)