Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

           DR.  JEKYLL  AND  MR. HYDE

   A few days ago, I read a really interesting book called "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". This book is a fiction novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson.The plot is really interesting and unexpected.The book starts like this...

   A lawyer  Gabriel John Utterson has taken certain interest in Mr. Edward Hyde ever since he trampled a little girl. Also,the crowd gathered forced Mr. Hyde to  retribution. However, the check he gave the girl was signed by Dr. Henry Jekyll.

   After that, Mr. Utterson also discovers that Mr. Hyde is the sole 
beneficiary of all of Dr. Jekyll’s wealth. Utterson tries to discuss the matter of Mr. Hyde with the good doctor who, as one might guess, doesn’t yield to any results.

   A year later, a member of the British Parliament is murdered and the maid identifies Mr. Hyde. Utterson confronts Dr. Jekyll who shows the lawyer a letter in which Mr. Hyde states that he will disappear forever.
Sometime later, suspecting filthy play Utterson breaks into Dr. Jekyll’s house where they discover Mr. Hyde who has just committed suicide by drinking poison. Through letters Utterson pieces together Dr. Jekyll’s double life.

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in solving mysteries and reading adventure stories!

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  1. Well done Fotako! It is evident that you liked the book! I am now going to give you another, even better, one! :-)