Sunday, March 10, 2013


Which museum would you like to visit and why?

  If I had the opportunity to visit a museum now, I would like to visit the Cinema Museum in Hollywood. I'm interested in cinema and movies so the Cinema Museum it's the suitable museum for me. I have visited a Cinema Museum before and it was great but Hollywood's cinema museum it's much bigger. There, except the fact than you can watch any black and white movie that you want and see oblations for famous stars like Marilyn Monroe, you can also see how a movie is created. By the way, if you like scary movies, in the basement of the museum all the caracters of horror and thriller films get alive to spook you! There are lots of others things to do there like; have autographes from movies stars, see uniforms which were used on films, have a look on star's waxwork e.t.c.!

So...Let's pay a visit!!

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