Monday, March 11, 2013

The museum I want to visit

The Cartoon Museum 

    To begin with, London is a country which has many museums for every person and for every interest, for instance science (The Science Museum in London), or  natural history (The Natural History Museum in London). Here we have to highlight that London has a Cartoon Museum too!  If you ask me in which museum I want to go, the answer is there....At the Cartoon Museum in London. The reason I want to go there isn't that I don't like the other museums I mentioned, but it's the fact that I like cartoons,  although I'm a teenager. Actually, I'm interested in Science, but I think that a museum of Science is an ordinary museums, where you can discover a lot of things, but also, I think that a Cartoon Museum is more unusual. Moreover, I  believe that every person like cartoons, so why not me?

 So, lets find out a bit things about this museum, shall we? 

   The Cartoon Museum is a London museum for British cartoons, caricatures, comic strips and animation. It has a library of over 5000 books and 4000 comics relating to the subject. The museums issues catalogues and features  a changing display of over 250 exhibits its collection of over 1700 original cartoons and strips. 

   As for its previous exhibitions they have included Ronald Searle, Pont, Mike Williams, Alice in Sunderland et.c.

  This is a picture of the museum  

So...we should have a trip to London, shouldn't we? 

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