Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Waves Intermediate, page 115, exercise E

Student A is calling the hotel to learn some information about it; and Student B is the receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello! Paradise Hotel here. How can I help you?

Marina: Hello to you too! I would like to book a room in your hotel and I would like to learn some information. Could you please help me? 

Receptionist: My pleasure. Tell me your questions. 

Marina: First of all, how much do the rooms cost per night?

Receptionist: Well, we have several rooms. The big suites , which include 2 bathrooms, 1 king bed etc., the medium ones, where you can find 1 bathroom and 1 double bed etc.; and finally the small ones, which include 1 bathroom and 1 single bed. Also, we have some exceptions. We have some rooms, which include 1 bathroom and 2 double beds. Also, we have family suites. In which are you interested? 

Marina: I am interested in the medium one please,  because I'm travelling alone.

Receptionist: Very well. The medium room costs 25 euros per night. 

Marina: Great!  Another thing I wanted to know about is your hotel's facilities. Does it provide a swimming pool?

Receptionist: Of course and our hotel provides a swimming pool. I'm really sorry that I forgot to mention that the big suites include a swimming pool on their own, except the big ones, where other people can swim too.


 Marina: Thank you a lot. Well, could you tell me if your hotel provides  room and laundry service?

Receptionist: Naturally,  of course and our hotel provides these facilities to you. Can I help you with anything else?

 Marina: Υes. If you didn't mind. 

Receptionist: Of course and I don't mind, because it's my pleasure to satisfy our guests. Tell me. What else do you want to know about our hotel?

Marina:   You are very kind. Well, what time does the restaurant open and close?

Receptionist: The restaurant opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm.

Marina: Okay. Thank you very much. I have a last question for you. Could you tell me about hotel's facilities? 

Receptionist: Of course. Except the swimming pools, the restaurant, the room and laundry service, our hotel provides you a lot more.  For example: pool bars, saunas,  3 gyms, parking, playgrounds for children, football pitches, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. And also, our hotels has a computer room, a library and telephone in the rooms. 

Marina: I have to say that your hotel is really perfect. I want to book a room for one week.  Well, I'm leaving on Friday and I'll be there at night. Have you got a room for me? 

Receptionist:  Of course we have a room for you. As you mentioned, you want a medium one. Let me see. Well, which floor do you prefer, the fourth or the seventh?

Marina: The fourth please. 

Receptionist:  Very well then. Your room's number is 44, on the fourth floor, with 1 bathroom, 1 double bed , the telephone e. tc.  Could you tell me your name and your personal phone number please? 

Marina: Yes. My name is Caroline Collins and my phone number is 6956353054. 

Receptionist: Okay. Thank you very much. Our hotel is waiting for your arrival. Have a nice flight. 

Marina: Thank you very much.

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