Tuesday, April 1, 2014



                            DESTINATION 2040

1.Will everything be automatic?Are we going to have domestic robots to serve us?Will we ever make a machine that can think?

I think that not everything will be automatic,but a lot more than what we have today will.I think we are going to have domestic robot but not for completely everything.I think they will just do the work at the house and maybe help us a bit at our job too.I think that in 2040,it's not really possible,and almost impossible to have made a robot that can think.But in a longer time period,like in about 2200 we may be able to create something that will be like the human brain,and find another way to place it on the robots systems.This way I think a robot can think.
2.What new jobs will we have started doing by 2040?What job do u think you'llbe doing?

We will probably have started some new jobs,but I dont know what new jobs exactly.In my opinion,I think that I will be a streamer!


(A streamer is someone that he is streaming.Streaming means that someone is creating and sharing videos on youtube or even, he is going on a live channel and he is playing for example a game live and people can see him.For example if u stream on Twitch u talk to peoples where have chosen u and see u playing live.)

                                              Kastrinakis Tilemahos D' class                                                                 


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  1. Mr Tilemahos, I really like your predictions, BUT the way you describe your future job is full of grammatical mistakes I am sure you know how to correct! Can you do that to score five goals for the boys' team? :-)