Friday, April 25, 2014


To : Mr. Papadakis
From : Varverakis Marinos
Subject : Making the library more popular with teenagers


         I am writing with regard to my suggestion about how to make the library more popular with teenagers.

The library

        To begin with, the library is located in a very convenient area in the centre for some teenagers because it is beside a school. The real problem is that the building is very old with old-fashioned decoration. So, it is very not very attractive for teenagers.

What teenagers would like

        The entertainment for teenagers is the watching TV, playing computer games, reading magazines and of course they enjoy sitting and chatting in a modern place. Moreover, they like surfing the Internet, listening to music and watching films. On balance, teenagers do not really like studing and reading books so a library is not their favourite place.


      First of all, I strongly support that the library will become a very attractive meeting place for local teenagers if some things were different. For instance, if we stocked more interesting books teenagers would like, more teenagers would visit the library. Furthermore, we should add some board games, such as chess or backgammon (which train your mind). Moreover, I suggest buying computers and iPads, which we can put in a special teenagers' room such as a cafe' where the decoration will be modern. We can also to install Wi-fi and e-books, like comics, magazines, adventure and fantasy books to make a gorgeous impression to teenagers. In addition to that, I suggest renting music CDs and DVDs or creating special rooms with projector where everyone can watch online films.

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  1. I like the way you write all kinds of texts, Marinos! This means that you are not only an amazing blogger, but an imaginative writer, too!