Friday, April 25, 2014


                                     An arson
         As soon as the phone rang, she knew something was wrong. After eight o'clock in the afternoon, Mary had her party. So, when the phone rang she started to feel very worried.
              When she picked it up, she heard a girl's ear-splitting shout and suddenly she lost consciousness and she passed out. Then, she came round and she said "I must discover who called at all cost". The phone rang again and Mary picked it up quicly. A girl said "Help, a man has lit a fire". It was an arson! Mary reported this crime to the emergency services who took measures to avoid the damage.
              Just then all of them went out or to a firefighter just in time and they followed the sirens of the fire truck. After that, she saw a man who threatened the policemen. He said he would throw the girl in the fire if they went near. Suddenly, a policeman told them "You must go". It is very dangerous here".
             Eventually, they learned from the newspaper what had happened. The man was arrested. Moreover,the carbon dioxide from the burning wood made the girl pass out and get weaker but finally she was fine. However, the man stood trial for arson, blackmail, attempted homicide and the firefighters put out the fire.  

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