Monday, January 12, 2015

A letter to Kylie

Hi Kylie,
   It was great to hear from you and that you're going on a trip.When are you leaving?
   I had an amazing experience at the ecological trip.If you don't know much about the sharks and the dolphins, you'll learn a lot there!!Although you will go on many excursions with a boat, I warn you that you shouldn't get too near the sharks.However, the dolphins are friendly and time passes nicely with them.If you're lucky, you'll really enjoy it!!
   If I were you, I'd take a camera with me, because there are lots of moments to capture and never forget them.It would be a good idea if you take with you suntan cream and hat.You'll also need seasickness tablets.I suggest taking waterproof clothing with you because the dolphins are little devils!
   Well that's all.I hope you have a good tome!
   Bye for now,

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