Monday, January 26, 2015

A letter to Sean

Dear Sean,
   I am so happy to hear from you and that you are going to a Greek island.
   Last year I went to one of the most beautiful islands ,Santorini.If you have never ridden a donkey, this is the perfect place to do it.You can see the amazing sunset and you can swim in lots of beaches.Generally, in Greek islands the weather in summer is very hot and you have to be careful.Also you have to protect yourself from donkeys because sometimes they are little devils!!!
   I know that you are from north Scotland and you aren't used to hot weather, but you have to buy some clothes!Fist, you will need lots of T-shirts because it's very very hot in summer.What's more you will need shorts.You need insect reppelent because there are a lot of mosquitoes!Finally, the most important thing that you need is a hat to protect you from the sun.
   Well, I think that's all.If you want to ask me about something else, you can send me an email.I wish you to have a beautiful and amazing trip!

Best Wishes

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