Monday, January 26, 2015

A letter to Kylie

Dear Kylie,
 It was great to hear from you . If you do not know much about sharks and dolphins, you will learn a lot there at the trip. If you were lucky, you really enjoy it!
 First of all I want to explain to you that you will have a fantastic time there, but there are some dangerous things that you must be careful with. Although the sharks are very cute, I should warn you that you should not get too near them. If you are lucky, you will touch the friendly dolphins. When I went, I did not get seasick on the boat but other children got seasick so you must be ready for the trip (and take seasickness tablets). However, I had a fantastic experience.
 If I were you, I would take a camera/video with me to take photos and video because the view of the trip is pretty and I do not want to forget this experience. I suggest taking waterproof clothing because maybe you will walk when It rains. You will also need a suntan or hat because you will walk in the morning when the weather is shiny. It would be a good idea to take with you seasickness tablets I think they will help you or your friends. I hope you have a good time!
 I look forward to your reply and tell me how you spend your time on the trip.

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  1. Bravo Maraki! (Remember to leave an empty line between your paragraphs.)