Monday, February 2, 2015



Everybody knows they are exciting because some television games have questions about geography or history. I have entered one television game and I lost, but did it matter ? No I dont think it did .
             This kind of competitions have lots of advantages.   First of all , competitions can be informative because you can answer history questions and you learn about the middle ages, for example . Moreover  if you win the game , you will get a lot of money .
                           What's more , they offer  valuable experience to all , because players will remember the time they were on TV for ever. Finally, if you enjoy taking part in them , you spend your time on questions games and that is good because you learn things .
                         In conclusion , television games are good whether you win or lose . Why not take part and test your knowledge?

                                    NICK ! 


  1. Great try Nick!!! Don't you like blogging now??? Take a look at some corrections I've made.