Sunday, February 1, 2015

My favourite scene from "Benjamin Button"

My favourite scene of Benjamin Button's story is when Benjamin's father, Mr Roger went to a clothes shop to find some clothes for his son.The shop assistant asked him what type of clothes he was searching and Roger said,for a six hours baby.Of course the baby clothes were not very useful.He asked for boys clothes but he didn't find anything large enough for his son so the shop assistant asked him how old his son was.Roger answered that he was 'sixteen' years old.Finaly he found a costume for Benjamin but the shop assistant told him that this clothes were only for parties and not for everyday wear.He bought the costume from the surpised salesclerk and brought it to he's "baby".


  1. Hey blogger Kostas, be careful with indirect questions because they are affirmative sentences- they are not 'real' questions any more. e.g. The shop assistant asked him what type of clothes HE WAS SEARCHING FOR (affirmative).

    Can you correct the other indirect questions on your own?

  2. Wow it was funny,I laughed a lot while I was reading it. :D