Friday, February 13, 2015

Restaurant review


          This is the review of " DA GIORGIO ", a restaurant in Siteia beach where we went to celebrate Christmas.
           When we entered at the restaurant , we saw a fountain at the middle of the restaurant and when we sat down the waiter came and took the order. In one hour the food was ready.We have ate all our food and the dessert. The dessert was very delicious; it was ice cream and waffle
         The service , however , was not very satisfactory . In spite of being very attentive , our waiter was a bit clumsy . He had already knocked a glass of water down on me , before we started eating and then he dropped my food.
           In conclusion , I would recommend this restaurant despite the poor service because it was friendly and good value for money. 

           three spoons

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  1. That's a very good try Nick, but you cab do even better! Why? Because you can be more careful with grammar (see what I have underlined), you can write more sentences in every paragraph and check your writing before you publish it for typing mistakes. All bloggers must follow these rules, actually! Keep up studying Nick, you can do it!