Sunday, February 15, 2015


                      This is a review of 'Paradise', a Greek tavern in town where we went to celebrate a special occasion.
                      When we entered the restaurant, we were really impressed by the tasteful furniture and paintings, which there were there. Despite the decoration, the food was awful. For starters, we shared a salad, which had hair in it. For the main course, we had steaks and beef. Unfortunately, the meat had gone bad. In spite of this terrible food, the chocolate pudding for dessert was delicious.
                      The service was unsatisfactory, too. In spite of being very friendly, our waiter was rather slow and clumsy. We had been waiting for one hour before we ate and when the  waiter arrived, he dropped one of the three trays. 
                      In conclusion, I would not recommend this restaurant, and I believe that 'Hell' is a better name for it.

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  1. 'Hell'!! Wow! You can't have liked this restaurant at all! Great (negative) review, agent Elpi!!! :-)