Monday, February 2, 2015

My opinion about television competitions.

  We all know that television competitions are popular and impress a lot.Personally,I think that they are waste of time and overrated.
   Well,I have never entered one of them.My cousin has.He took part in 2003.What's more,he did not win,so he came back home sad.Additionally,he told me that the people who took part were    immature,rude and they thought they were the best.
    In addition to this,the second reason I don't like television competitions is that I think that television competitions are not as informative as we believe.For example I have seen some of them and I did not learn anything.
     Finally,I believe television competitions are a waste of time and you do not learn anything interesting with them.In cocnclusion,this type of games are not exciting and the people who work for them can be rude.

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