Monday, March 9, 2015

D' Class homework

The song 'Jump' that we liked so much and qll the useful phrases in it:

Hector goes shopping in Episode 2

Read this story of Sherlock Holmes

And try to answer as many of these questions as possible



  1. Homework is out of the oven, guys! Hoooraaayyy!!!

  2. WOW!That was a fantastic,mysterious and interesting story.I was so anxious about the end that I couldn't even talk to my mother when she came into my room to ask me about my homework!

  3. Well done Manolaklas!!! You are an amazing reader!!!

  4. This was a very interesting story.I started reading and I couldn't stop.Although I don't really like detective stories, I enjoyed this one very much.While I was reading this, I tried many times to guess who the one that read the Greek exam's questions was but I didn't guess right at all and I was surprised when I learnt who the culprit was!

  5. Bravo Kostas! You are very well prepared for the reading competition!!!