Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Video Activity E Class

Watch the following videos and leave your comment

Video 1: Hector goes Shopping

Video 2: Hector has a date


  1. The first video is funnier than the second because Hector would like to go shopping and he doesn't knows nothing for shopping.In the second video I like the end because the girls are so clever.In conclusion,I like the first because Hector washes the clothes which are very hot.My favourite character is Hector because he doesn't know English very well and he gets confused all the time.

  2. I thing that the first video is funnier than the second becauce Hector doesn't know how to buy clothes and some hours later he buys them from the internet,but then he orders some eggs and some hot dogs.In the second video Hector and Nick had a date with two dancers who finally were the roomates.I like very much the actors becase they are funny and they have talent.

  3. I like the first video because it is funny. Hector doesn't speak english very good.Bridget and Annie learns to speak English.Hector was the old-fashioned and his friends buy him clothes.Hector wears the clothes again and he is funny and old-fashioned.Also in the second video Nick send pictures in the email because Nick and Hector wanted to meet girls.They had a date with 2 girls and they appeared to be their friends.