Sunday, March 1, 2015

Restaurant review

This is a review of cibo delazioso,an Italian restaurant near my house.I went there for my friends birthday.

The place was attractive and modern with beautiful decoration and a lot of little tasteful lamps!However, the food was not good-value for money at all and it was tasteless and cold.

The service was slow and the waiter was a bit clumsy.We were 8 people and all the tables were too small, for 2,3 and 4 people.When the waiter saw us,he told us to wait a minute.After 10 minutes,he showed us 3 connected tables for us and we were the only customers!After that,we ordered 4 pizzas and after 30 minutes,they served us 4 cold pizzas.While we were eating,we ordered some colas.When the waiter came with them,he dropped one on my friend's mobile phone and it broke.

In spite of the beautiful and tasteful restaurant,the service and the food were not very satisfactory.I would not recommend this restaurant.

Rate: one spoon

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  1. That was a very good review, blogger Kostas! This is why I have a surprise for all of you today!!!