Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sherlock Holmes

One night Dr John Watson decided to visit his friend Sherlock Holmes, a great detective. They sat down in front if the fire and talked. 

   '' The postman brought this, '' said Holmes and gave him an anonymous  letter.

The letter said :

   Dear Mr Holmes,

A gentleman wil come to see you tonight. He needs your help with something very serious. The man will wear a mask, so do not be surprised. I know that I can trust you. 

A bit later, the bell rang. Holmes opened the door and he saw a strong and tall man. He wore expensive clothes and he had a black mask on his face. 

   '' Who are you ? '', asked Holmes.                                                                                                          '' I am Count von Kramm, a Bohemia nobleman. I want to speak you alone, please.''                    '' You can trust my friend, '' he replied.

They had a conversation about Count von Karmm's problem.

 "One day I met an opera singer, Irene Alder. I fell in love with her and I also gave her a photograph with me and her. Now I want the photograph back, because I will be in trouble if I don't take it back," said Count con Karmm.

    is continuing...

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  1. Wow, very exciting, Theodora! I can't wait to read the next 'episode'!