Thursday, October 20, 2016

Something about myself

Could you tell something about your family?

My family includes me,my brother and my parents.
My brother lives in Athens because, he studies at university,but me and my parents live in Heraklion.

Could you describe your neighbourhood to me?

In my neighbourhood there are a lots of flats.
There is a problem with the parking and
we can find cars parked on the pavements.
But,there is also a lot of trees and flowers 
and all the neighbours are kind and hospitable.

What do you like about your local area?

What I like most in my local area are the
parks,because I can go cycling with my friends and
we sometimes play football.

Is there you would change about your neighbourhood?

No,I wouldn't change anything apart from creating places
or parking because,there is a problem in my neighbourhood.

How often do you go to the city?

I am not going a lot of times to the city
because,I have a lot of homework and I have
to study.The most  that I go to the city is at the weekends and
especially with my friends.

What do you like doing in your freetime?

In my freetime I like doing a lot of thins.
Par example I like going cycling,playing football
or basketball with my friends,watching the newest films online and finally listening to music
from my mobile phone!!!

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  1. Good answers, blogger Themis!!! (Do we say "par example" in English or French? :-)