Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Challenge

          After the summer holidays Helen Smith was impatient  to see her friends again.'' I am not excited  about starting the school year'', she thought , '' but going to the swimming pool every day for six weeks is boring. Now I'll be with my friends again.''
      Lisa was waiting for her at the school entrance .''Hi!'' they both shouted happily.
      ''You look fantastic!'' Helen exclaimed.
       ''You too. You are so brown !''said Lisa, smiling, and they put their arms together to compare suntans.
        '' Don't you know that it is dangerous to be in the sun for long time?'' said a voice behind them. It was Bobby , wearing a Los Angeles Lakers T-shirt.
       '' You are only wearing that T-shirt so that everybody knows that you were on holiday in America.'' Helen said. ''That isn't cool.''
         Lisa laughed and Bobby's face became red . ''OK, so I am not cool , but I'll  tell you this ,'' he said. '' Nobody in America wants suntan anymore.'' The girls looked at each other  and smiled.
          ''Are we going to hear 'in America this' and 'in America that' all year?'' Helen asked. '' Because I can tell you, I'm not interested.''
        ''So you don't want to  hear about  my driving licence?'' Bobby said.
         '' Your  what?'' Helen asked.
        '' Don't be ridiculous,'' said Lisa , but Bobby showed them a plastic card with his photograph in one corner.
       '' Maybe it is from Disneyland !'' Helen said. The two girls looked at the card carefully. Across the top , it said, 'US Driving Licence'. It also had Bobby's full name , Robert David leader, and his day of birth on it . I was real!
       ''But you are only 16,'' Lisa insisted.'' You are too young!''
          is continuing.....


  1. Your story sounds interesting!😊

  2. Bravo to both of you girls! You wrote an amazing summary! Let's see what will happen next.