Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A report

To; Mr Winterfield
From; Minas Papadakis
Subject; Making the library more popular

In this report, I will make some recommendations about how to make the library more popular and appealing to the youngsters.

The library
Today, the library has many problems which must be solved. For example, it is dark, so people cannot read well. The furniture is not comfortable, and also there are not enough books. Finally, people complain that the librarians are unfriendly and unhelpful.

What teenagers enjoy
Teenagers want to study or do some research, but they cannot do it in their houses. They need the library, but if the library is not a popular comfortable library, with a wide variety of books, they usually stay at home. As for their preferences about the books, they like mystery, fantasy crime and detective stories mostly.

Recommendations and suggestions
As I said before, if a library is not appealing, the young people do not visit it. So the library must be improved. It needs to be more spacious, comfortable, well lit, with a big variety of books, and it must be in a peaceful location. The books should be in Greek and English and, in my opinion, a computer room is important if the people want to do some research. I hope my suggestions prove helpful.

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  1. Wonderful report, Minas! Way to go!!!!

    P.S. Are you going to read a book from our school library?

    OK, OK, stop shouting! :-)