Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A conversation about a film :D

Student A: Hello!
Student B: Hi!
Student A: I want your advice. My sister has her birthday today and I want to buy a film to see. Have you got any ideas?
Student B: Well, to help you I would like to know some things that your sister likes in the films.
Student A: My sister loves crime movies and comedies. Furthermore, she likes films with good music. In addition, her favourite actors are Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.
Student B: What about getting Ocean’s Twelve? I think your sister and all your family will enjoy it because the music is brilliant and it’s about a crime but it’s also comedy. Moreover, the main actors are Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.
Student A: Ok! Thank you very much! It’s a great idea!   

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  1. Fantastic work, my talented bloggers! Keep it up and more surprises are on your way! :-)