Sunday, October 21, 2012

An article about putting on a concert!

Putting on a concert

  If you have too much free time in the evenings why don’t you put on a concert. It isn’t difficult and it’s great fun.
  Firstly, you need to find who the singers are going to be and what instruments you will play. Next, you have to think about the music you are going to play. Will it de pop, rock or classical? Moreover, you should arrange what time the concert will be put on. Another good idea is to advertise your concert by putting up posters and deciding on the clothes you are going to wear.
  Furthermore, you can rehearse in a large hall at your school or in somebody’s house. It’s a good idea to practice regularly because only one rehearsal is not enough. In addiction, you should put on the concert clothes one day before to see if they fit you.
  Finally, when you’re ready you could invite your friends and relatives to come to see you.

Good luck!!!

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