Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A conversation about a film ...!

Student A : Hello !

Student B : Hello ..How are you ?

Student A : I'm not good at all ...My sister has her birthday tomorrow and I haven't decided what present should I buy her yet ...

Student B : Ok , don't worry .I can suggest you some things to buy her ... What about a film ?

Student A : Great idea ! But which film should I buy her ?

Student B : Hmm ...Tell me what kind of film she likes .

Student A : She likes crime movies and she loves comedies .Also,  she likes films with great music and the main characters would be famous, like Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt.

Student B : How about getting Ocean's Twelve ? I think your sister and her friends will enjoy it , beacuse the film is crime thiller and comedy . Additionally , the music is amazing and the starring actors are Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts !

Student A : Billiant ! Thank you so much for your help !

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