Tuesday, August 5, 2014

~A celebrity I admire~

  I love helping people in need and the reason for that is my aunt Aspasia Manolaki, known as the "generous soul". She has done a lot of things to help people in need and she is still doing. She feeds the the hungry helps the poor and gives money to those who need them. She has also made three orphanages for the children who have o parents or relatives to bring them up.She is famous for all the things she has done to help people in need. As you can guess, she has had a big influence on my life. 

  As for her appearance, my aunt is tall and slim. SHe has straight, shoulder-length, dark hair and fair skin. Her eyes are brown and shiny. Unlessyou notice her carefully, you can't see that she has a scar on her red cheek. She often has her hair a ponytail and she leaves her fringe "flying" on her big forehead. Her lips are big and pink. She is very pretty.

  My aunt is brave and clever. She is energetic and loyal too. She can hug and help everyone. She is polite and she's never moody or mean. She is very modest. She never talk to others about what she has done or how much she loves helping people. She has also generosity in her soul. 

  Thank's to my aunt's generosity I learned how beautiful it is to be brave and help your fellow people. She taught me not to judge people, because she says that if you judge people, you have no time to love them. She taught me to be brave and complete my intentions. Because of her, I was taught the huge meaning of the words: "help", "love", "share". Now, when I don't want something I give it to an orphanage. I buy food and give it to the poor people in my school. I love helping people in need and being generous and that's something my aunt taught me. I want to be like my aunt. It's one of my intentions. I look up to her for all these things and I hope everyone was like her.


  1. I really like your aunt, as well! And what a beautiful description of her! Well done!

  2. Wow!AwesomeVassiliki <3 ;-)
    You must be very proud of your aunt :-)