Monday, August 4, 2014

~Rome-An inspirational destination~

Whats'the best holiday you've ever been on?What made it so good?

The best holiday I've ever been on, was when I went to Rome.What made this holiday so good?It's simple.It's a different place compared to the others.Travelling abroad is impressive enough:The change of the atmosphere, the culture of the country, the local people, the sights, the shops, the roads, the local specialities.All these things make a country be unique!So when I travelled to Rome, I got inspired from its beauty!It's a wonderful city.I got so impressed when I first saw it that I was taking photos all the time.

Πιάτσα της Ισπανίας - Piazza di Spagna
Piazza de Spagna!!

Rome is combination of religion and love and that's the advantage which makes it unique than the other cities of Italy.It has got a lot of amazing churches which are decorated with amazing drawings and statues.There are a lot of landmarks, too like the Colosseum, the Saint Petros church, which is situated in Vaticano, the Fontana Di Trevi, which is one of the most famous fountains worldwide.Three of my favourite town squares are the Piazza de Spagna, the Piazza de Navona and the Piazza del Popolo!Finally, a very romantic place which has got nice restaurants on its bank, is the river Tiveris-one of the best rivers I've ever visited.There are also more awesome places to vistit in Rome...

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy 2 - May 2007.jpg

Fontana di Trevi!!


  1. Well, I have been to Rome once and I totally agree with you! Besides, you are definitely more experienced in exploring this city than I am. I wish we could stroll there right now!

  2. Yeah!IIn my view, it's an awesome place.I didn't managed to explore all the city, but I learnt a lot about it and I got fascinated! :-)

  3. You can never explore all the city. especially when it is as big as Rome is, but you will have plenty more opportunities to travel there again in the future, right? :)

  4. Yes, why not?That's why I threw a coin in Fontana Di Trevi!! :)