Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My favourite scene!!

 About a week ago, our summer English class saw an animated movie before we take some time off. I know that most of the people know that comedy. It's called Despicable Me 2! It came out the previous summer so that's the second time I'm watching it. It's a mix of comedy and romance movie and it was pretty hilarious. Everyone laughed with it! Personally, I was the best idea for a vacation!

One of my favourite was when Gru and the 2 minions that followed him arrived at the AVL (Anti-Villain League) basement. Everything was going well until the leader of that organisation introduced himself. His last name Ramsbottom! So the minions undestood what it meant and they said to each other:"Bottom" and then both of them started laughing. Also, the way they laugh is much funnier! And that's the reason I like this scene the most!

This is the video!:

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