Thursday, August 28, 2014

~Jungle Survival~

 How important is to have survival skills? Every survival skill you have is important ! There are many survival "techniques" that may safe your life or other people lives. First aid, how to build a shelter, how to light a fire, to find water, food etc. There also some more general categories such as "Jungle Survival Skills". 

First of all, before you go on this risky expedition, you have to pack some useful clothes. Here are some suggestions about what to pack and what to wear during the day:
1) Comfortable, loose, fitting clothes are the best for this expedition. Not fashionable, not sparkly or too modern!
2) At dawn and dusk it will be better to cover your head and your neck with a mosquito net or any other piece of clothing.
3) In the great outdoors, your head an your neck are protected by the undergrowth. However, pack a sunscreem with a high SPF to be sure.
4) Dry your clothes before night so as to avoid chills and fever.
5) Wash your clothe every day, especially the socks. Dirty socks can cause skin diseases.

.... And what about fire?

 In the jungle, having the ability to light a fire is a very importan skill. You can cook, you can be kept warm at nights and you can escape mosquitoes and the curious animals. You don't need to have a big fire. A small one is more safe. The bigger the fire, the more attention is paid. Don't burn the bamboos. They burn too fast and the smoke is too dangerous.
... OK with all of these things!! You can live without food, but you can't without water!

According to the scientists, in the tropic regions, there is a plenty of food and water. You can easily find water in rivers, streams, lakes or puddles. However, this water isn't good to drink unless it has been purified. The better way is to boil it 10 to 15 minutes. You can also find some coconut milk from the coconuts. It's very tasty and more safe than the real water you find in the jungles.

... Yes, but if you want to eat something and you don't have any food with you?
If you run out of  food, DON'T eat whatever it "appears" in front of you. Instead of that, you can watch the monkeys. Everything that monkeys eat can be eaten by the humans.

After all the advice I gave you, It's time to watch a video, understand them more and learn some new! 

I hope you enjoyed this article!!!


  1. That's so interesting Vassilikoula! The problem is: will we remember all those things in case of an emergency? :-)