Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The staff,food and the accommodation of Hotel Trasylvania

First of all, the  film  was  incredibly  awesome. So, in  my  opinion,  the  staff  of  the  Hotel  Trasylvania  was  full of  monsters like : ugly witches, zombies, headless monsters and the one I liked more was  Quasimodo who was the cook. The food seemed to be creepy, awful and gross , because it had many alive insects, creatures and eyes with sauce. It freaked me out ! The accommodation was fantastic! Because the hotel was unbelievably huge: it had more than 120 rooms for different monster, even for the fleas which were on their honeymoon

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  1. Well done Christian for writing on the blog on your own, but always remember that you have to write seriously, using all the new words we know IF you want to score a goal! :-)