Monday, November 11, 2013

Review of Hotel Transylvania

If I was a monster, I would not go to Hotel Transylvania because the staff, the food and accommodation are awful and they wouldn't help me with my problems there.

  First, the staff: The housekeepers are, witches who are bored to clean the hotel and they don't care about hotel and their job.

  They are very lazy  and as a result, they set the hotel on fire. The door knockers are key rings who shout 'do not disturb' when a person comes into room, so they wake up the customers. The fitness coordinator is a fly who is bored with his job. The security in the hotel run up and down in the hotel and, as a result, they make noise!

  Then, the food. They serve you with  lizard fingers and a cheese which screams and shouts which is called scream cheese. The food is awful and they serve you the food without dish!

  The entertainment" Skeletons are the hotel's singers who sing Spanish songs. The activities director is very old and she entertains the costumers with bingo! The entertainment is very boring!

1 comment:

  1. That's a very funny review and a very crazy hotel, we must admit! Well done Irene!