Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Ozone Hole

The problem: 

The ozone hole is one of the biggest problems in the world and if we don't protect the environment the hole will become bigger and bigger and the temperature of our planet will increase!

The cause:

In my opinion, the cause of the Ozone Hole is the CFCs because they contain a chemical which called chlorine and this chemical can destroy the ozone!The CFCs are contained in the air conditioners,the spray cans the fridges and generally other things which can pollute the environment.

The solution:

I argue that people today are irresponsible and they don't care about the environment..Maybe they don't know how important it is to be clean..Environment is important for all of us and we must protect it from some people who don't respect it! This is the solution: we must stop using products with CFCs in them.If we do that, everybody will be rewarded because we'll live in a safe and clean place!
       Sofia Androulaki D'class 

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