Saturday, November 9, 2013

Personal Speaking Questions 3

What do you like doing in your free time ? Do you prefer doing acting or restful ?

In my free time I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing computer games and listening to music . I find  very boring doing restful things very boring so I prefer doing active things like playing football, going to the cinema, going cycling and going to the town centre with my friends .

Do you enjoy listening to music ? What kinds of music do you like ?

As I said, I thing music is a very important part of my life. Always when I come back from school I always am going go to my room and I am listening listen to music for thirty minutes to relax from school. That helps me to do my homework happily and easily. There are many kinds of music that I like but I think rap and pop are the most amazing! One of my favourite group is Mellises. Every day I listen to almost five of their songs.

Tell us about your Englisch teacher.

My teacher is fantastic. She always has a big smile on her face. She wants us to improve and learn the English language in the best way. I think that sometimes she is very strict with us but this can't stop us from loving her. Also she is very beautiful, clever and very creative.

Do you enjoy studing English?

Yes, I really enjoy studing English. I believe that it is very interesting and exciting. Also by learning English you can see the culture and the attractions of England.

Do you thing English will be useful  for you in the future?

Yes, of cousrse. English is the global language and almost all the world  can speak it .So when you want to communicate with people from the other side of world, it is easy to have a good conversation with them if you speak English fluently.

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  1. Well done, amazing beautiful studious Marinos! (See? I am not so strict! Hehe!) Keep blogging your thoughts and score more goals, yay!!! :-)