Monday, November 4, 2013



   Halloween is a celebration which England and other countries celebrate.In my opinion,it's a very cool celebration and all children,especially English,love it.
   Halloween is celebrated on 31st,October.The kids choose special costumes,which are very-very frightening like:ghosts,witches-wizards,mummies,pumpkins,vampires,pirates,dragons etc,and go at many houses to take sweets!When they knock on a house's door and the person opens,they say : Trick or treat?And if the person say treat,he must give sweets at the children..But if he say trick,children have already prepared to do him a trick.
   Halloween is the most amazing day of the year for English!They say that this day the dead get out of their tombs and people get in touch with the spirits.
   This day people do a lot of activities:They carve pumpkins,they visit haunted attractions,they play pranks,they tell scary stories and they watch horror films..Generally they have fun!
   I think it's a fantastic day for English and if I go in England,I want to go on the end of October to celebrate this celebration with the people of this country!


  1. Bravo Sofia! That is an amazing post with beautiful words, descriptions and a scary picture! Definitely a goal for the girls' team! :-)

  2. Haha!Thanks :-)..Christian did you read what our teacher wrote?It's a goal for the girls!!