Saturday, November 2, 2013

An informal letter to Pam

Dear Pam,

      How are you? Thanks for your last e-mail. I'm glad you're well. I hope everything's fine there. By the time, is your mother doing fine? I really enjoyed the housewarming party and I had great time there!

   Before the party I was a little nervous and streessed at first, but after when all the guests turned up and I started unwind, I had so much fun. After the party, the House looked as if a bomb had hit it! On the floor were spilled drinks, there were bottles everywhere and pieces of pizza in the sofa. There were plastic cups and plates scratted around the House. It was horrible! It took me awhole day to clean up the mess! My parents weren't there so I had to tidy up alone! Regarding the photographs, tanks for those that you sent me! They were very funny! I noticed that some photos were missing, such as the one where mary is acting like a dog! It's really funny! I'd like to put it on our blog!

      Concerning your diary, three days ago I found it under the sofa. If you want I'll bring it with me when I visit you. Would you like to have it right now?

     I'd love to admire your new house. I'm going to come next month. Is that OK? It will cool to hang out with your friends and go sightseeing,too. I heard that the historical places is very popular. Also, I would like to see your CD collection because I love the kind of music that you prefer.

    Write back soon! I can't wait to meet you!

                                              Best wishes,


  1. Thank our teacher for the beautiful expressions and ideas that he gave us to write this composition! :-)

  2. Wow Marinos!What kind of party was it?Why didn't you invite me?Haha..I'm joking :-)

  3. He should have invited us all, hehe! :-)