Saturday, November 1, 2014

A strange midnight in the middle of nowhere

  I was listening to music in my castle bedroom when I heard a strange noise.My dad had a ''good idea'' to rent a castle for holidays.The castle was far away from the city.They said that there lived a family.One day in a fire they were burned, the castle was rebuilt.However, people say that the spirits still haunt the castle.I was a little scared and it was midnight!!
  Suddenly, I  heard again a strange noise like classic music.I felt a chill down my spine.My parents and my sister were sleeping when I decided to follow that music.I descended the stairs and I went to the living room.NOTHING!!!Just then, I heard that music again.The music was heard from the basement.I was terrified I descended the stairs again but that time it was scary.The door creaked when i pushed open.I listen for a minute, silence but then........a ghost appeared in front of me.For a moment, I froze!Then I started to scream!!!!

  Just then, I sprang from my bed.My teeth chattered and my heart thumped.It was a horrible nightmare.I woke up while I was listening to classic music.That was the most strange thing, I never listen to classic music!!It was a strange midnight in the middle of nowhere!

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  1. A huge bravo to the girls' team! Your story is excellent aaand super scary!!