Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Night Mare Before Christmas

The Halloweentown celebrated and Jack skeleton sang his scary song every year but he started  feel bored . The Mayor came to Jack and told  him "We love your scary song" then Jack walked past Sally who  also sad. Sally made from a doctor who was very bad with her and he did not allow her to keep away from his home.

Jack walked with his dog Zero . Suddenly he saw three doors. The first door had a Christmas tree . The second door had an Easter egg. The third door had a big bird of Thanksgiving, of course Jack did not know anything about all that different celebrations.

Jack opened the door with the Christmas tree. A strong winter wind took him into a new town for him. Just then Jack started think"What is this?".

When Jack went back his house he started make plans for Christmas celebrations in his town. Before he went to his house Mayor came to his house and he was terrified because he did not find anybody in his house.

Jack about his plans for Christmas in his town and everybody were happy with him.

Jack started the plans. The first plan said that three young children went and took the Santa Claus. The second plan was to make red clothes and he said to Sally to make them. Αlso the third plan said that they must make reindeers and the last plan said that they must make scary presents for children.

They started to do all the things that Jack's plan said.

All children waited for this night. Suddenly when the children opened the boxes scaries toys were inside.

Ogie, a bad beast, caught Sally and Santa, but Jack saved them and then all the Halloween celebrated Christmas !!!!!!

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  1. Bravo Mary for writing on the blog so many of your thoughts! You've won millions of points! However, please keep in mind the corrections I made. See you all soon, blogers! :-)