Monday, November 3, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas

Before some days I read a book."Nightmare Before Christmas"(There is a movie about this book too!)
It was a fantastic book and my best scene was there that Jack (The protagonist)got bored with Hallowen town and went to Christmas town with his dog:Zero.There was no one scared or dead and it was snowing.This place wasn't like Hallowen Town,there wasn't skeletons,Vampires and other creatures like that.He and his dog liked very much this place.He wanted to live there for ever.He tried to take some monsters from Hallowen town to Christmas town and explain them what Christmas is , but they didn't understood the meaning of Christmas .

         -Here is a video with this movie's trailer-

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  1. *there weren't any skeletons
    **they didn't understand

    Apart from those two tiny mistakes, that is an amazing post! Well done blogger Kostas!!! :-)