Sunday, November 30, 2014

Future Giant Mobile Phones...

Mobile phones are and will always be a very useful gadget for many things.How much do you use your mobile phone?

In my opinion , mobiles are good and very useful because you can do many things with them like listen to music , download and watch films , text or phone in an emergency or you can use them as an alarm clock!However ,  they can become a bad habit if you use them too much.

I have read and heard that future mobiles will be much bigger than now. Also trousers and jeans fashion designers have already started designing trousers with bigger pockets!Future mobiles will be for sure smarter than now,because they will be able to do much more things.

In my opinion , mobiles connect us with other people and help us with many things in our daily life.What do you think and what is your opinion abour mobile phones?


  1. fantastic article, bravo blogger Kostas!

  2. Fantastic exhibition about the mobile phones in the future but do you think that this will happen?