Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The main hero of the book was Jack Skellington. Jack lived in Halloweentown and he was the scariest skeleton in the town. The problem with Jack was that he was feeling bored and tired with Halloween. For this reason, after Halloween's party he walked away to think about his future. He walked through the churchyard and into the dark woods. After two hours, he stopped and looked around him. He found a very beautiful place, wHere there were lots of decorations, beautiful trees and houses. It was the night of December 24. Jack saw the Santa Claus, lots of happy people and many toys. After a long time, he was happy and excited. Just then, he saw a sign, which said CHRISTMASTOWN. Suddenly, he had an idea! He went back to Halloweentown and tried to explain to ITS inhabitants the Christmas celebration...................................