Sunday, November 2, 2014

The nightmare before Christmas

  My favorite scene was when Jack asked help from Sally.She wasn't happy about Jack's plans.She didn't want to make  his red clothes but she did.Sally said to Jack that these plans AREN'T going to work.She thought about the Christmas tree on fire.When Lock,Sock and Barrel arrived they said to Jack that they caught Santa Claus,but they have caught the wrong person.They went to Easter town and they caught the Easter Rabbit.He sent again Lock,Sock and Barrel to CATCH Santa Claus.They caught him and immediately they brought HIM to Jack.He was very happy about the Santa Claus.He said to Lock,Sock and Barrel to take him to Jack's house,but they didn't.They took him to Oogie Boogie's house to EAT him.Sally went to his house to SAVE him but Oogie Boogie caught Sally, TOO. When Jack understood that Sally wasn't there he lookED for her. Finally, HE found her at Oogie's house.He saved Santa and Sally and he killed Oogie.Then they went to the square.    


  1. Bravo again Konstantina once again! Please remember to be a little careful with infinitives (to+ verb, NOT to+ past simple) and not to use 'the' in front of people's names. :-)

  2. Wonderful description of the story,I like it very much.