Friday, October 31, 2014

A Haunted Castle

I was listening to music in my castle bedroom when I heard a strange noise.I don't live in a castle but it was summer and we went to a castle for holidays!That noise was scary but interesting too.That made me go and explore the castle.

I went out of my bedroom from the window while my parents were watching TV.The wind was howling and the strange noise was louder after every step I took.I went into the castle from the main entrance again.When the gate closed behind me suddenly everything was quiet.While i was climbing up the stairs to see the other rooms I heard a door creaking.I felt a chill down my spine!I saw a torch down and I quickly picked it up.I tried to see from where the voice came but nothing.Suddenly I heard a scream and I ran as fast as I could to my bedroom.I banged the door and when I went in,a shadow was going out of my window and leaving a note.I read the note....It was"Humans go away from my castle if you don't want to feel my rage"There was a sign with a big JR.I went fast to my parents' room and told them about the note and the strange noises.We left the castle as fast as we could!

When we arrived home,I searched for information about this castle.Finally,128 years ago in this castle Jack Robbinson lived.But there was a legend about him,That some farmers found him dead in his castle with his family and that he haunts the castle.I'll never forget this hollidays.

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