Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My personality and character

My name is Konstantina and i am thirteen and a half years old.I come from Heraklion.I am in second class of Junior High School.I have brown eyes and longs brown hair.I am tall and thin.
In my spare time I listen to music and i play volleyball.I love playing volleyball is my hobby!!!I know only one player Karch Kiraly.My favourite subject in school is maths because I like solving arithmetic problems.Also I love physical education [like everybody] because i like playing sports!!!!My favourite colour is blue and white.My favourite movie is Maze Runner.
I am impatient because I can't wait for a long time!!!Also i am a little stubborn and I am very responsible.I am confident and sociable too!I am quite mature for my age and of course i am the most positive person you have ever met in your life!!I am creative and hard-working too.This is me!!!


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