Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My personality

My name is Nick. I am a student in the second year of high school. I am fit and my favourites hobbies are basketball and volleyball. Sometimes I go to the gym. Ιn my free time I go for a walk in the lions square and the center. Comments by when I do the school of additional courses. In my house we have three dogs and I take these three dogs for a walk !!! My favourite subjects are chemistry and religious education. I'm unsociable because I don't have many friends and at the weekends I don't go out with my few friends.

I am responsible and I look on the bright side. I never pick a quarrel and I am always in a good mood. My routine : I wake up , I study again , I have breakfast and I go to school. I go to English lessons and I play basketball on Saturday. My favourite basketball player is Diamantidis. You can watch him in the following video.